PatriciaPatricia Lonergan began her career as a reporter at a small Nova Scotia weekly, and has earned numerous journalism awards since. In 2006 she helped launch an Ottawa urban start-up, the City Journal. She served as editor-in-chief at Transcontinental Media before joining Metroland Media Ottawa, where she launched four community papers in 2010.

A graduate of Carleton University, she returned in 2012-2013 to work on her master of journalism. Her interests include:

  • Digital media trends
  • Technology, communication and society
  • Technology and identity
  • The role and function of the community press

Patricia is currently the managing editor of 11 weekly papers in the Ottawa region. She is also a Carleton University MJ candidate, animal lover, storyteller, casual gamer, avid reader and a fan of adventure and exploration.

  1. Ian
    May 7, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I just read your article on Hotel taxes in Niagra , i own a hotel in Digby Nova Scotia , a couple of years ago we successfully fought and won a tax like this, we disagreed with the tax for all of your reasons and more. These levies are not just in Niagra they are all over . I am proud to have been part of a nasty fight to stop this , thank you for recognising this , i could not get the Globe and mail article on the link provide and would really like it as i know this will rear its ugly head again . thanks so much enjoyed reading your article you have a new follower

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