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Put food in the budget: recap of day two

Day two of the challenge has come and gone and so far I’ve managed not to cheat. Oh, I’ve been tempted by the stash of snack food in my desk, but my will power has won out. Actually, it’s not been as hard as I might’ve thought, although I do miss frozen vegetables and fruit. And honey. I never thought I’d miss honey, but I’d really like some with my peanut butter and toast.

The second day was easier than the first, but that’s because I was a little better prepared. For starters, I actually had a bite to eat for breakfast. Lunch was the leftover macaroni and cheese with hotdogs from the night before (I’m a fan of leftovers for lunches). Surprisingly, it warmed up well in the microwave. It even tasted better the next day. Go figure.

In terms of being prepared, I had some snacks for later in the afternoon/early evening (I leave the office late on Mondays and Tuesdays). First there was the plain hard-boiled egg (I’m not adding salt to stuff). I was worried it would be too dry on its own, but it was pretty good. By the time I got home in the evening, though, I was hungry. Normally I’d grab a light snack – crackers and cheese – to nibble while making dinner, but that wasn’t an option. Instead, I opted for some quick peanut butter and toast, which was probably a bit too much.

In an attempt to avoid processed foods for a second night in a row, I decided to get a wee bit more creative instead of just following directions on a label. In the end, I basically cooked myself breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs and hash browns). But it was really good and quite filling. Plus it was fast. I even have some potato leftovers.

Looking ahead to day three, I put the challenge to my friends and colleagues to come up with some creative ways to work with the food I have on hand. The trick is that there’s lots I could make with what I have, but it often requires an ingredient or two that I don’t have. The perfect example is the tuna. Normally I only make tuna salad sandwiches with canned tuna, but I don’t have any mayonnaise. Someone suggested I make it with margarine, but I’m going to pass on that one.

A lot of the ideas I got were similar to what I’ve done (KD and hotdogs, hash browns). But one set of suggestions really stuck out because of its creativity. Here’s what she recommended:

Breakfast: omelettes with chopped wiener and toasted bagels

Lunch: peanut butter sandwiches and milk.

Supper: tuna casserole using pasta from the KD, the tuna of course, the (hopefully mushroom) soup and the onion, with mashed-up leftover potatoes spread on top (maybe with KD cheese mixed in). My note: I have cream of asparagus, so it could still work

Meal for the next day: rice and chickpeas and a couple of weiners for a nice faux jambalaya.

There’s definitely an idea or two in here I might try for day three. The answer to the food challenge might just be in the creativity one brings to the ingredients available.

Day two at a glance:
(I’m not including drinking water now)

Breakfast – toast with peanut butter, tea

Lunch – leftover macaroni and cheese with hotdogs

Snack – plain hard boiled egg

Snack 2 – toast with peanut butter, bit of milk to wash it down

Dinner – one scrambled egg, potato fried with some onion, tea

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